Medical Scale, MS6121R



Wire is always a pain when people walk around. Thanks to the new wireless technology. Charder hereby announces its latest professional wireless scale MS6121R. It is capable of connecting with three separated platforms at the same time. By selecting its wireless channel, you can measure three patients at the same time and simplify your process. Save your time save patient’s time. Further, the weight is always a secret. No matter to woman, man or patient. Now only operator can check the weight. It gives the higher data protection and a sense of security to patients and medical professionals.

Product Description

  • Flat platform design makes stepping on easy and safe
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Anti slip rubber mat
  • Wireless display operated by medical professionals
  • BMI function available
  • 1 vs 3 wireless platform

Product Specifications

Capacity 250 kg
Graduation 100 g
Dimensions 350x345x45 mm
Platform size 350×345 mm
Weight 2.8 kg
Power supply Battery & Adaptor
Functions Wireless remote display and weighing up to 250kg. It is able to build connection with three scales a time and measure weight on each scale. BMI function available.
Data transmission PC , Thermal Printer
Indicator DP4000
Optional Carry bag AR-2781